The fast track to a Solid Band in HSC Mathematics

The fast track to a Solid Band in HSC Mathematics

Use our 3 Step SKY method to keep you ahead of the game

Instructed by seung-wun yi

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  • Year 11 Standard Mathematics
  • Year 11 Advanced Mathematics
  • Year 11 Extension 1 Mathematics
  • Year 12 Standard Mathematics
  • Year 12 Advanced Mathematics
  • Year 12 Extension 1 Mathematics

Our Vision

Our vision is to see every Mathematics student doing the HSC achieve their dream marks and develop to their potential, with sufficient meaningful and cutting edge support.​


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HSC Mathematics (Yr 11 & 12)


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From $37 Monthly + GST

With our Ultimate Online Flipped Classroom Courses

About This Course

Course Description

Our HSC Mathematics Course effectively simulates a one-to-one teaching experience, where learning can conveniently take place anywhere. Work with a qualified, knowledgeable and supportive instructor. To either get the edge in Maths or consolidate on prior learning, SKY Academy offers you the skills and knowledge needed to fully understand the different concepts and disciplines covered in the modules.

To keep you ahead of the game, the course is organised as follows:

  • 19 chapters modules, being on average about 10 to 20 episodes.
  • More than 260 episodes totalling over 50 hours,
  • Each episode averages 5 to 15 minutes, combining both animation and explicit instructions.

The Features and Benefits

Improve your results and career prospects with the following features of this course platform:
  • It’s an online video-based course with effective quality instruction and further live support structures.
  • Designed to cover the NSW HSC Mathematics curriculum systematically and thoroughly.
  • Explicit instruction and animations to be confusion-clearing and engaging
  • Students will gain the best of the teacher’s knowledge and expertise.
  • Topic summaries at the end of each module to consolidate and cater for wholistic learners
  • Follow up tasks after each episode.

The Course Will Allow You To:

  • Have 24/7 access, giving you the freedom to re-visit lessons as often as you like
  • Study at your own pace without stress at home
  • Pause, rewind or repeat a lesson until you really get it
  • Be monitored and supported by the chief instructor himself
  • Gain understanding and confidence especially in areas where you struggled before
  • Be more confident in class
HSC Mathematics Course just works. Our students’ feedback and testimonials say a lot about how effective it is!

Instructor Biography

Seung-wun Yi

Principal and Chief Director of Sky Academy

Seung has been a qualified high school teacher in the NSW educational system for the past 10 years teaching in all walks of life.

His university training as a Mathematics teacher is highlighted by the elusive perfect score in 2 of his subjects and near perfect scores for the rest of his Masters degree.

He has also been involved in tutoring industry for most in his life being the second generation owner of a tutoring business. Seung has worked with over 150 students intensively in the last decade and over 2000 in a school setting with impressive results.

He is committed to improving the results of his students, living life and influencing others by the mottos: “Get Stuff Done and Do it Well” and “Give a Stuff where others Don’t” to extraordinary effect on his student’s results.

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See What Students Say About Seung

Life of Ben
Life of Ben
Manas Joseph
Manas Joseph
Amazing teachers, extremely supportive and helped me achieve my mathematics goals
Cress Silk
Cress Silk
Seung was very accomodating and has gone over and above to help my son and always kept us informed. His maths improved dramatically over the 10 weeks he was there.
I got 97 on mathematics, all thanks to Seung and the institution. 10/10 quality and quantity.
Krista Jorgenson
Krista Jorgenson
I was having a pretty tough time in maths throughout year 11, getting an average of about 50-60%. After going to seung for tutoring I was able to get 82 for my hsc! I highly recommend sky academy to any student wishing to increase their maths marks and achieve the atar that they need.
Hanna Sanchez
Hanna Sanchez
Seung's teaching technique makes Math much easier which, at first, I thought was impossible to understand. For all those who have a hard time with Mathematics, check out Gosford Maths Tutors, and they'll make everything easy-breezy as 1-2-3. Keep up the GOOD WORK! Thank you 😀