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Seung-wun Yi

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Do the Math: There is simply is not enough time in the day to do everything that needs to be done as a teacher these days. It takes a solid game and plenty of support plan to know how get maximum results with your limited time. that is why we have created our
10 Point Checklist for the Time Poor Teacher to BUMP IT UP.

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“My last test, I got 86% and
I’ve been getting like 70-80% in all my tests now so yeah,
apart from the increasing results, I’m a lot more confident doing Maths.”

~Krista(2015 HSC – 2 Unit Maths)

Take the Ultimate 10 Point Checklist for Time Poor Teacher.

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“He was really good at explaining things and just very approachable
and easy to connect with, so it helps me a lot and
I definitely could not achieve it without him.”

~Morgan’s (2012 HSC – 2 Unit Maths)

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  • Deeper knowledge of course content
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  • Less confusion, more clarity
  • Confidence plus results
  • SKY Academy offers a complete online system for schools to ensure students master
    2 Unit and Extension 1 Mathematics for the HSC 
  • Utilizes our effective 3 step SKY Academy Methodology.
  • Instructional support, both live and recorded by an expert with  a proven track record in improving student results in the HSC.
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“I feel much more prepared for the HSC and
I just understand Maths so much better and all the concepts have been really
well-explained to me and so it just feels so much better with all my education. ”

~Paris (2014 HSC – 2 Unit Maths)


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