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The Sky Method:
7 Steps To HSC High Band 5 and 6 Success in Maths that you can work towards from any stage!

Does my child really need a tutor?

Do you often wish you could help your child at school, but feel out of your depth?

Perhaps you know that you need a professional’s help, but have these concerns:

How do I ensure my hard-earned money isn’t wasted?

How do I find someone who can guarantee results for my child at a price I can afford?

You are not alone, many parents in the Central Coast are going through the same experience.

In my eBook, you’ll find 7 very simple and highly effective
sure-fire strategies to help your child learn successfully.

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Step By Step

Complete a step by step guide to your HSC course. Carefully sequenced to build your foundations for learning

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About Sky Academy

Our obsession at Sky Academy is Mathematics Education. To provide that expertise to those who value, desire and seek it the most. It is well documented that there is an overall decline in our country, as well as globally, in numeracy and the level of interest in Mathematics by students in our schooling systems. We are really concerned with the growing trend of students who opt out of advanced Mathematics courses in their senior years and are committed to reversing this trend.

Sky Academy recognizes that the world is changing far too rapidly. Many are the obstacles young people face today that hinder the engagement and dedication to learning Mathematics .

On the flip side, our modern world presents abundant opportunities for those who embrace it for innovation in the education space.

In this respect, Sky Academy is committed to new and cutting edge paradigm shifts in the delivery of Mathematics education. This, coupled with the best of tried and tested approaches to traditional education, is the answer to preparing young minds with the support and momentum they need to be masters of a brave new global, ever progressing, fast paced, technology-saturated 21st century environment.