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This course is a comprehensive set of video tutorials that cover the topic of Indicies and Logarithms. It is a course that fits into a series of courses that cover all the key topics that form the basis of the 2 Unit Advanced Mathematics Course for years 11 and 12 of the HSC (Higher School Certificate) for NSW.

The syllabus for the 2 Unit Advanced Mathematics course can be found on the BOSTES website. This particular course concerns itself with the specific topic of  Indicies and Logarithms, the scope of which is defined by the syllabus found there.

It is designed to be a teaching and learning aid along with textbooks, teacher instruction, other useful websites and resources.

To get the most out of this resource, students should watch the tutorials and practice applying the course knowledge to exercises and practice questions found in relevant textbooks or worksheets.

We hope you enjoy watching the video tutorials and partaking in this course and that you find it useful in your studies. If you find this course useful we recommend you sign up for other courses in our 2 unit adv maths series found at www.skyacademy.com.au

Seung-wun Yi
Principal and Director
SKY Academy


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