About Sky Academy

About Sky Academy

Our obsession at Sky Academy is Mathematics Education. To provide that expertise to those who value, desire and seek it the most. It is well documented that there is an overall decline in our country, as well as globally, in numeracy and the level of interest in Mathematics by students in our schooling systems. We are really concerned with the growing trend of students who opt out of advanced Mathematics courses in their senior years and are committed to reversing this trend.

Sky Academy recognizes that the world is changing far too rapidly. Many are the obstacles young people face today that hinder the engagement and dedication to learning Mathematics .

On the flip side, our modern world presents abundant opportunities for those who embrace it for innovation in the education space.

In this respect, Sky Academy is committed to new and cutting edge paradigm shifts in the delivery of Mathematics education. This, coupled with the best of tried and tested approaches to traditional education, is the answer to preparing young minds with the support and momentum they need to be masters of a brave new global, ever progressing, fast paced, technology-saturated 21st century environment.

The Central Question

At Sky Academy, we understand the greater drive that motivates our clients in taking higher level senior Mathematics courses.

We hear time and time again parents asking: “How do we provide our child with the best opportunities for a better life and a better future after the HSC?”

This central agenda has shaped our mission, vision and philosophy. Our products and services are crafted to cater to your needs.

Our Vision

To see every Mathematics student doing the HSC achieve their dream marks and develop to their potential, with sufficient meaningful and cutting edge support.​

To empower every Mathematics student to access the widest range of opportunities for the future beyond the HSC and be thoroughly equipped to take advantage of them.​

Our Mission

To create, deliver and promote highly effective Mathematics specific programs and products that facilitate deeper understanding, upskill our users for optimal proficiency in Mathematics, to create unparalleled success that leads to growth in confidence, enthusiasm and the cultivation of winning habits and a champion mindset for mastery of the modern world.​

Our Philosophy

Some things change and some stay the same. And often the most effective way to address an issue is to have the awareness to know what needs to change and what is better left untouched.

At Sky Academy we recognise that this applies especially to the current landscape of 21st Century education and specifically to teaching Mathematics.

One thing that doesn’t change about Maths Education is that what it takes to succeed is a commitment to mastery. There are no quick fixes, no silver bullets, no shortcuts. 

Each mathematical concept needs to be laid down like a well placed, well secured brick in a building and tested and tested until it sets solid. 

If there are too many missing loose or misplaced bricks, the integrity of the building is compromised and it collapses in a heap of rubble, unable to rise to the heights of its potential. This happens all too often.

Sky Academy is founded and has its legacy dedicated to this commitment to mastery. The process of mastery works and it is timeless. And our method is successful only because we honour this immovable truth uncompromisingly.

On the other hand, there is enormous potential for innovation. We live in a world that is changing at an unprecedented pace and the relevance of otherwise stale and meaningless number facts and formulae, need constant and adequate re-contextualisation, for increasingly distracted school students to engage meaningfully with mysterious Mathematical world that they often don’t understand and cant see the relevance of.

As a representative of the modern teaching profession, this is our greatest challenge, and we are really just at the tip of the iceberg to this enormous shift. And while we don’t purport to have all the answers, our philosophy and mission is to embrace the vast resources and possibilities that exist to create new paradigms of educational delivery to serve the future generations with skills to master the modern world through Mathematics.

If any of this resonates with educators, students and parents alike, we at Sky Academy would love to connect with like minded partners to explore the possibilities of how we can engage in addressing these challenges at least for the students in your care.

So, what are you waiting for? We invite you to get in touch.

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About Our Site


Learners who trust SKY Academy have the best possible chance to excel in Maths and achieve in life.

SKY Academy is your own personal maths tutor in the comforts of your home, around the clock, wherever and whenever you need assistance. It is designed so that we can reach as many people as possible with the expertise that we offer. It is our primary aim to fulfill and carry out our mission and see our vision come to reality.

SKY Academy Is designed to be as engaging and as interactive as possible. I, on the other hand, have particular passion for helping those who are doing higher level senior maths at this stage.

Sky Academy Takes Pride In Offering The Following:


  • A complete set of Video tutorials for the courses offered
  • Discussion forum and comment sections
  • Students will be assigned a mentor and have access to them
  • Each Video chapter includes summary sections

For Teachers

  • The ability for teachers to set up, manage and monitor their students as classes or groups
  • The ability for teachers to set tasks upload tasks send messages
  • The ability for teacher to control and modify and manage the courses through our functionalities
  • The ability for teachers to add links and resources
  • Ability for teachers to modify and manage the courses for their students

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What Students Say

I have excellent evaluations from students who take SKY Academy’s courses and services.

Students often comment on how delighted they are with this easy to grasp and effective teaching method and claim that they finally have the opportunity to understand and excel at Mathematics for the first time in their lives.

“I’ve been associated with Seung for about a year now. I achieved 91% in my final yearly exam mathematics which I’m really happy for. I came first in class which was extraordinary.”
2Unit Mathematics – HSC 2014