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A Message From The Director

Hello. My name is Seung and Ive been teaching Mathematics in my own unique way for over 10 years, helping students achieve their dream marks in various contexts. I have a heart for the dedicated and motivated students that slog it out on their own and just need that extra bit of fitting support to help them succeed and ace Maths.

Soon enough, I found that there wasn’t enough hours in my week to serve all the demand from students the way I really wanted, the way I knew they deserved. As any teacher in the teaching profession can testify, I would often serve my students to the point of exhaustion. Random thoughts would enter my head, “I wish I could just record what I was teaching and just press play”, because I seemed to be teaching the same thing over and over, with each student, over common sticking points.

So one day, that is exactly what I did. One day lead to another and then this became my mission and drive. But I wasn’t just interested in making any old video tutorial. I became obsessed with capturing my teaching at its best, me in the flow, in the zone, so that students, like you, could benefit from them over and over again for as long as they needed. My goal wassn’t to make cinematic masterpieces, but something far more important: Capturing the best of myself, to partner with you in your success in the HSC Mathematics course of your choosing.

With that said, I want to thank you for visiting and I invite you. Be kind and enjoy our website.

Seung Yi


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